Unique & affordable art

 FF KUNST = Frank’s online Art Exposition.

Here’s my truth, and it might be yours:

How many well-known art pieces have you seen in your live? Could you afford buying them? Or you never understood why people pay such ridiculous prices just for obtaining them or putting them away as an investment?  

Hmm, so what’s the alternative? On a rainy Saturday to the Ikea’s and Walmart’s to buy one of those printed posters that you find in 1000’s of households and offices? That could be a way to hide your wall in a low cost way. Or lease or buy a lithography (say number 150/500?) at an art gallery, knowing that there are another 499 owner’s of the exact same piece? Yeah, that’s another way! But it still does not give you that satisfying feeling to be the proud owner of one unique piece of art.

So what’s next in your art loving live? Ready for some unique, original and affordable art? And rather a large eye-catcher than a tiny piece. Something to shine up your home or to enrich your office space with some new coloured energy? Now we’re talking! 

But did you ever consider this? Go and buy some materials and start painting yourself! Why not?! But just do it because you like it. And be prepared for those who’ll laugh at you. And feel proud when someone likes one of your latest masterpieces. But please: do not quit! 

Quitters never win and winners never quit. I went through all this since I started in 2011. Autodidactic, not one single lesson. Just watching and studying the Masters, Youtube videos, visiting museums and then… doing it. I hope you’re gone like some. And when you feel excited about buying one I hope you’re lucky and that it’s not already sold. In that case I’d be pleased to paint you a new unique one that you’re gone love, guaranteed.

It’s been a pleasure, thank you for your visit.


The five most recent ones:

Pieterskerk & Koornbrug Leiden-120×80  €600


Raamgracht Amsterdam 160x80cm (€900 sold)


Keizersgracht Amsterdam 160×80 (€900 sold)


Keizersgracht Amsterdam 120×60 €600


Prinsengracht Amsterdam 150×100 (€900 sold)